BioLogic "ReeCharge" battery charger


BioLogic "ReeCharge" battery charger

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The BioLogic ReeCharge is a small power plant in a silicone-encased box on your bike and a clever way to charge your cell phone, ipod or any other gadget within 3 hours whilst cycling.

The gadget will fit into your pocket and can also be attached to any part of the bike. As long as you have a mini USB connection, it will supply electricity to your cell phone, iPhone or whatever.




Charge your iPhone or iPod with your bike !

During a test a "Garmin Edge 705" functioned for 10 to 14 hours. This small power plant can be connected to all standard bicycle hub dynamos and can thus generate free power that is stored in a modern lithium-ion polymer battery.

With your hub dynamo on your bicycle you are constantly generating electricity and not using it. While riding your bike your dynamo generates electricity constantly, even if your head light isn´t on.

Why waste this power when you can save it? The electricity that is being wasted can be stored in a modern lithium-ion polymer battery with 1600 mAh. Because this electricity is being saved into a battery first and then transferred to your gadget it will still charge when you aren’t moving e.g. waiting for a traffic light to turn green.

With the USB port you can connect your cell phone, ipod or most other gadgets that are charged through a USB connection to the charger. This is identical to charging a phone in a car.

And think about cycle touring: you can charge iPods, phones and even camera batteries, freeing you from power outlets. Fantastic !

This product includes adapters for the most major mobile phones.

Delivery includes

  • ReeCharge system incl. elastic fixing
  • DYNAMO KIT - Regulator power cable ( connector / charging at hub dynamo )
  • Apple connector plug
  • Sony Ericsson connector plug
  • Samsung connector plug
  • Nokia ( only newer models with a small charging plug )
  • Motorola / mini USB
  • USB - charging cable - adapter
  • Plug adapter ( North Amerika )
  • Silicone - strap for attachement of various devices on bicycle handlebars
  • Operating instructions - English
  • incl. Universal charger (100 - 240V) for most 5V wireless handsets
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