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PANGO folding helmet - black -

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PANGO, the folding helmet from Dahon, that folds to half its size, almost instantly.

A unique design, with the lateral sides of the helmet sliding underneath and then into the main shell, then the back folds inward, to make it 12cm flat. This Makes it really easy to pack into a bag or backpack.

The interchangeable outer shell contains 16 different sized grid openings to provide excellent ventilation.

The Inside, inside forehead and back is lined with Velcro pads to make it really easy to adjust to your head to make it more comfortable.

Another highlight is the easy size adjustment mechanism for a head circumference of 55 - 61 cm.

The rear latch hooks are simultaneously pulled together by pressing on the rear shell. This provides a smooth fit to the head without any additional size adjustment.

The chin straps length is done with a click closure lock.

By lifting the locking hook and then gently pushing up the sides and then folding in the rear of the helmet, it’s folded up and you‘re DONE !

This is a simple and practical bike helmet that hasn’t been specifically designed for sporting use, but more for everyday cycling, that can be used quickly, comfortably and reduces carrying space.


  • Complies with EN safety standards and CPSC
  • Fits head circumference of 55 - 61cm
  • Replaceable, external ventilation - grid shells
  • Dimensions:  L = 255mm x W = 205mm x H = 155mm
  • Dimensions folded:  L = 255mm x W = 175mm x H = 120mm
  • Colour:  black
  • PANGO - helmet in original box, 10 pcs of extra padding
  • Manual

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